My name is Jessica Thomas. I have a passion to create. 

I am a portrait & fashion photographer as well as a graphic designer. I currently am living in California. 


My goal is to create beautiful work that can make connection & possibly a difference.


My focus is to make people feel confident in themselves. I think people these days have a hard time with who they are as a person and desire to look a certain way and be perceived as someone they may not be. I want to help you be comfortable in your own skin. 


I absolutely love to capture peoples emotion. No matter what the circumstances are, faces share so much about a moment. Those details are my favorite to express. I whole heartily fell in love with photography when I was fairly young and have been improving my process ever since. 


I did not start graphic design until my sophomore year of college in 2015. Once I started I could not stop. Everything about it memorized me. I tend to become engulfed with my work & time seems to fly by when I create. It is a passion of mine & enjoy problem solving through design.